Groundwater file


The General Administration of Groundwater and Wadis is one of the public administrations that follow the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, and it is one of the specialized technical departments. As it works in the field of non-Nile water resources from underground water and valley waters, which are the backbone of life in all of the countryside and most of Sudan's cities. Groundwater and valley water cover large areas of the total area of Sudan, making it easy to exploit its waters for all areas of development.

Project Date


Project Goals

• Evaluating underground reservoirs, determining their dimensions and overlaps, and extracting the hydrogeological characteristics to reach safe withdrawals through determining the underground stock and annual recharge.

• Evaluating groundwater resources and valley water at the country level, determining the best methods for developing, exploiting, managing and preserving these resources from overexploitation, participating in protecting them from environmental pollution, preserving and documenting information through studies and applied research with the purpose of evaluating and developing the groundwater resources and valley water.

• Following up on the changes that occur as a result of the exploitation of groundwater in terms of quantity and quality

Project Goals

• Following up the activities of underground drilling and correction, and determining the dimensions of the characteristics of underground reservoirs.

• Establishing and operating monitoring stations on non-Nile valleys and rivers.

• Monitoring the behavior of ground and surface basins to know the criteria for quantitative and qualitative variables and determine how to exploit them.

• Contributing to the development and implementation of water legislation.

• Applying and auditing that data and saving it in the various databases designed for that

• Analyzing, evaluating and processing data in various forms to facilitate presentation to all beneficiaries.

• Developing an information and data base to document and publish scientific information and reports.

• Supervising and designing engineering wells, dams, small reservoirs and pits.

• The exploitation of radioisotope technology to know the recharge of ground basins and water reconstruction.

• Providing engineering consultancy in the field of groundwater resources and valley water for the public and private sector, as well as for local and international investors.

• Collecting all available data on water in the country, especially groundwater.

• Developing, reviewing, correcting and comparing this data with recent data that reach the center.

• Making hydrogeological and geophysical maps and preparing specialized maps for information.