Kuwait fund shows readiness to finance new water harvesting projects in Sudan

      The deputy general manager – Sudan DIU. Eng . Mustafa Hessien Elzbeir said that, the joint meeting with the delegation of Kuwait fund for development , which held at DIU headquarter – Khartoum and discussed the water harvesting plan , which financed by Kuwait fund, also the progress work in implementation of dams, hafirs & boreholes as well as the upper atbra & setit dams complex,  so where they agree to maximizes the finance of water harvesting projects so as to implement the great number of projects throughout the unit plan 2019. Mr. Hussein appreciated the fund efforts in financing developing projects in country, which started since 1962, pointed out to the projects, that finance by Kuwait fund as Merawi dam, Rosaries heighten & providing drinking water project in Sudan rural area for man & animal .

       It was worse to mention that Kuwait fund for development,  consider to be one of financed institutions, that contributed in financing number of projects to promote the joint Arab corporation, between two countries , so the fund working to finance Alfoola & Alradiefa electricity thermal station to produce 450 m/w throughout utilization of accompanied oil for oil production processes .