About the GERD

بدأ بناء سد النهضة الكبير في أبريل 2011 بعد أن تم منح عقد الهندسة والمشتريات والبناء (EPC) بقيمة 80 مليار ETB (4.7 مليار دولار) إلى Salini Costruttori.
تم الإنتهاء من مشروع سد النهضة الإثيوبي الكبير في يوليو 2017. يقوم شعب وحكومة إثيوبيا بتمويل المشروع .
سيوفر الخزان والسد فوائد كبيرة لإثيوبيا ومصر والسودان. تحتفظ مصر منذ فترة طويلة بالملكية الرئيسية لمياه نهر النيل ومنعت إثيوبيا من بناء سد. تعتمد مصر على النيل في 90٪ من احتياجاتها المائية.
تم تشكيل لجنة ثلاثية في يناير 2012 لتعزيز التفاهم والنظر في الفوائد والتأثيرات التي سيكون للمشروع على البلدان الثلاثة.

GERD Features


The main dam will be 145 meters high and 1780 meters long. The reservoir, with a surface area of 1680 m2 in Full Supply Level (FSL), will be formed in the middle part of the dam, between the left and right banks.

Sewers with six radial gates will be located on the left side of the main dam. Each gate will have the capacity to drain 2,450 m3 / s of water when the maximum potential flood occurs.


The dam will be able to handle a flood of 19,370 cubic meters per second, and reduce silt in Sudan by 100 million cubic meters, and it will also facilitate the irrigation of about 500,000 hectares of new agricultural land. It will also reduce nearly 40 km of floods in Sudan when completed.

The orderly flow of water from the GERD will improve agriculture, and the effect of water evaporation from the dam will be minimal compared to other dams in Ethiopia, which will help to conserve water.

Power generation

Originally, in 2011, the hydropower plant was to receive 15 generating units with a capacity of 350 MW per unit, resulting in a total installed capacity of 5,250 MW with an expected power generation of 15,128 GWh per year. However, due to the modernization of the power plant and residential facilities, its generating capacity has been raised to 6000 MW from 5.250 MW, with a power generation of 15.692 GWh per year through 16 generating units of 375 MW each.

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