Eng. Khider Gassam Elseed as a Chief of Water Resources Technical Organs

   His Excellency the president of the republic issued a decision that, assigned C.Eng. . Khider Gasam Elseed as a Chief of Water Resources Technical Organs and to take over the responsibilities after Pro. Sief  Hamad , who recently assigned as executive director for Nile basin initiative at its headquarter  in Entebbe – Uganda.      It is worth to mention that, Water Resources Technical Organs deals with controlling of the realization of integration & coordination for Water Resources Utilization Studies by its several aspects such as (Nile water – Water Resources (surface – wadies – ground water). Also the organs concerned the direction of Water Resources studies in Sudan according to regional coordination requirements, more over the supervision on plans, regional & international agreements of the shared Water Resources and determination of the priorities & programs that related to the flowing water and its Implementation & Utilization and the supervision on the joint watershed and setting up plans to eradicate the drought affects totally.