Black out in national grid causes by fault in the transmission line, between Sennar Maringan – Alhassaheisa .


The press secretary – Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity : Ibrahim Shaglawi announced the occurrence of partial black out in the national grid, dated as 27, jan . 2019 pm , which causes by fault in transmission line , between Sennar and Elhasaheesa (220 k/v) , Rubak and Mashkoor Elgabel transmission line  (220k/v) , that leads gradually to total  black out in all hydro-power plant, so it resulted in partial black out in Merawi hydro-power plant , completely black out in Rosaries & Setiet hydro-power plant , Kosti ,  Alshahied and Gari thermal power plant .

Shaglawi said that, the Northern state not affected by the black out , confirming the gradual entry of the national grid at 2:00 pm ,  starting by  Markhiat, Alesergab, Eidbabiker and the other stations gradually . Stressing the exerted efforts of the technical cadres to return the electric current in each of Port Sudan, Atbra and Alobied in upcoming hours , that the main stations work by automatic protection systems to avoid the overloads in grid , so the press secretary apologized to all citizen about the black out of national grid .