Water Resources confirms support for Western Korofan State in providing drinking water & solar PV system


 The state Minister – Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity , Ibrahim Hamad Ali met with the Minister of health & social development – Western Kordofan State . Dr . Amna Ibrahim Osman  & number of state parliaments .

  The meeting discuss the connection of electricity through out solar PV systems for (227) healthy centres and implementation number of drinking water projects with in the frame work of zero thrust program. In that context the state Minister confirms the keenness of the ministry in using solar PV system & wind energy ,noted the achievement in the solar water pumps project in irrigation sector in northern state ,which expected to be in River Nile & White Nile state upcoming days . The state Minister, revealed about the joint discussion with African development bank to scale up experience in Kordofan & Darfur state, praising the employees exerted efforts in Sudanese electricity distribution & transmission  companies in linking western kordofan with national grid , noted that Ministry prepared an integrated program for connecting all state with national grid.

    From his side the director general of water harvesting directorate – DIU – Ammar Ali appointed that,  the strong coordination with the state government in implementing zero thrust program , said that, the last few weeks witnessed drilling of (25) boreholes in all state localities , that the installation will be in coming days , beside conducting new studies for number of projects & implementation of (15) new borehole .