The progress of periodical maintenance program & flowing fuel within the frame work of summer preparation.

    MOWRIE confirmed the periodical maintenance program for water & thermal stations and flowing fuel with the frame work of the preparation of coming summer . 

    The consultant . Eng . Minster of MOWRIE . khider Mohamed Gasm Elseed said in TV discussion that, the work coming into progress in Gari 3 & Port Sudan thermal stations , so it is expected to come into service during the current year 2019, promising about the entrance of Elfola & Elbagair thermal stations during the upcoming period , revealing about technical procedures, that develop the national Grid  to eradicate the total darkness with the sustainability of operation , noted that , the increasing of loads is the main reason for Grid blackout , he Stating there is technical procedures with the Ethiopian side to realize operation sustainability in the transmitted electricity throughout Ethiopian electricity transmission line , which estimated as 100 to 150 m/w  & will be reach to 300 m/ w .