Alfoola Aradiefa thermal station comes into force with the great progress


Thermal generation company: The implementation tooks two phases & by 450 m/w

Kuwait fund: The operation of station by Gas ensures its sustainability, so it implemented as (38) developing project in Sudan.  

Ministry of Energy & Mining: We providing project by Gas from 4,6 squire.

Kordofan western governor: Establishment of industrial planning as pre step for great start in manufacturing industries.

    The implementation of Alfola Aradeifa station project comes with in the Ministry strategies plan ,which aiming at increasing electric generation in Sudan & produce as 450 m/w to cover wide space in western Kordofan, which distinguished by economic activity throughout agricultural & animal  production  to reinforce the state capacity in exporting support  as well as another important for the station in linking Darfur with electricity  throughout the expected transmission line ( Babanosa – Niala – Adeela – Aldein ).   

   Yesterday ,the Kuwait developing fund made field visit to the selected site of Alfola – Aradeifa stations in northern Korodfan state , beside Moga & geek fields in Balila area to witness the extraction of gas & to see the technical sides for linking field by  station so as to provide  it in operation .