Sudan looks forwards to a decisive round of negations on GERD

The Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources has described the communique issued by the African Union on Friday the 24th of July 2020 on the Extraordinary Meeting of the African Union, held last Tuesday on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), as a balanced communique and that it was in line with the position expressed by the Sudanese Prime Minister Dr Abdallah Hamdouk, on the need to reach an acceptable and binding agreement that protects the interests of all parties.
The African Union communique stressed the need for reaching a fair and binding agreement on The GERD Filing and Operations, within a comprehensive agreement that includes future projects as well.
The communique also welcomed the support expressed by the UN Secretary General to provide support for the three parties to GERD, technically and financially on transboundary water management soonest they reached a comprehensive agreement.
The communique has also stressed the need for all parties to commit to refraining from taking any unilateral measure that would jeoperdise the negotiation process.
The communique has also said negotiations would continue on the remaining pending technical and legal issues, at the invitation of the President of South Africa, current chair of the African Union.
In a statement a Spokesperson o the Sudanese Negotiating Team has said the African Union Communique was balanced and acceptable in general and that the Sudan looks forwards to a decisive, time bound and agenda-specific round of negotiation to handle the pending issues and that the outcome would be binding and that the Parties would avoid submitting new issues that are outside the scope of the negotiations on GERD Filling and Operations and on the future projects.
The Sudanese negotiating team’s Spokesperson has commended the report submitted by the experts and which was submitted to the Extraordinary African Union meeting, saying it was concise and focused on the issues of differences.
The Spokesperson has further called for giving the experts a greater role during the coming rounds of negotiations so as to help the three parties to GERD reach acceptable agreement for all.

Media department
Ministry of irrigation and water resources

25 July 2020