Vision, Mission , Strategic objective


The efficient utilization of water resources in Sudan and promoting strategic corporation with neighboring countries for conservation & integrated management for sustainable economic, social, environment development to promote peace, support unity, eradication poverty, connected Sudan by electric single,stable,developed network.


Conservation of the national water infrastructures and developing, insuring of water resources sustainability by the required efficiency and providing the best services in irrigation, drinking water & electricity to satisfy beneficiaries requirements by appropriate economic cost according to specifications & standards taking in consideration conservation of environment, national capacity building, developing partnerships to realize economic, social development.

Strategic objective:

It is represented by the Water Resources Development, providing drinking water, conservation, developing and renewing of irrigation infrastructures, and water conservation , establishment of dams, implementation of great, concerned irrigation projects, that help in resettlement, people stability, energy insurance from several available resources and its transmission & distribution to face the expected growth of electric loads.